White, Leslie A.
The Pueblo of Sia, New Mexico / by Leslie A White. - Washington : Governement printing office, 1962. - 358 s. : ill. - (Bulletin // Smithsonian Institution : Bureau of American Ethnology ;  vol 184)
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Stevenson, Matilda Coxe
The Sia. - 148 s : ill.
= Sid. [9]-157 i: 11th Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology for the years 1889-1890. - Washington : BAE : Smithsonian Institution, 1894.


Zia är en liten pueblo 35 miles nordväst om Albuquerque (19 miles väst om Bernadillo på väg 550). I dag räknar pueblon inte fullt 1000 boende, men vid tiden för Coronados conquista var man tio gångerdet antalet. Zia är en av de pueblos som inte anpassat sig till turismen på något sätt. Man driver inte ens ett kasino.

Så här skriver Mathilda Stevenson
All that remains of the once populous people of Sia is a a small group of houses in the midst of one of the most extensive ruins of the Southwest…the living relic of an almost extinct people and a pathetic tale of the ravages of warfare and pestilence… A time came,…when intertribal strife ceased, and the pueblo tribes united their strength to oppose a common foe, an adversary who struck terror the to heart of the Indian, inasmuch as he not only took possession of their villages and homes, but was bent upon uprooting the ancestral religion to plant in its stad the Roman Catholic faith. To avoid result the Sia fled to the mesa and built a village, but the foe was not to be thus easily baffled and the mesa village was broght under subjection.

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