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Se även Pennsylvania och Maryland

Synonymer till Susquehannocker. Munquassen. Connestogoe indians.



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Lancaster County Indians: Annals of the Susquehannocks and Other Indian tribes of the Susquehanna Territory from about the year 1500 to 1763, the date of their extinction. -  Lancaster, Pa, 1908. - 415 p. :  Index
Ett kompilat av i stort sett alla notiser om Susquehannockerna man kan tänka sig.En smula bedrövligt kortfattade källhänvisningar dock.

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Monument to and History of the Mingo Indians : facts and traditions…. / Adresses and articals by William H. Cobb...

Alsop, George 1636/38-
A character of the province of Maryland
S 75 : A Relation of the customs manners absurdities and religion of the Susquehanock Indians in and near Mary-Land.

[Franklin, Benjamin]
A narrative of the late massacres, in Lancaster County, of a number of Indians, friends of this province, by persons unknown : with some observations on the same . [Philadelphia] : Printed [by Anthony Armbruster], 1764. - 31 p.
  Reprinted in the London chronicle of Apr. 10, 1764, and in the Gentleman's magazine, 1764, v. 34, p. 173-178
  Paxton BoysConestoga Indians
"Owing to the heated condition of Pennsylvania, the massacre assumed political importance, and was the subject of many pamphlets ... all of which relate more or less to Franklin"—Ford - An answer in defense of the "Paxton boys", attributed to Thomas Barton, has title: The conduct of the Paxton-men, impartially represented ... Philadelphia, 1764. - Generally attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Ascribed to the press of Franklin and Hall by Miller on the basis of the typeface used. Evans, Hildeburn, and P.L. Ford suggest Anthony Armbruster as printer

Barton, Thomas 1730-1780
The conduct of the Paxton-men, impartially represented; the distresses of the frontiers, and the complaints and sufferings of the people fully stated ... With some remarks upon the Narrative, of the Indian-massacre, lately publish'd. Interspers'd with several interesting anecdotes, relating to the military genius, and warlike principles of the people call'd Quakers: together-with proper reflection and advice upon the whole. In a letter from a gentleman in one of the back counties, to a friend in Philadelphia. ..Philadelphia: Printed by A. Steuart, and sold by John Creaig, shopkeeper in Lancaster, 1764. - 34 p.
 A defense of the Paxton boys, in reply to "A narrative of the late massacres, in Lancaster County, of a number of Indians ... [Philadelphia] 1764, written by Benjamin Franklin, authorship attributed to Barton.


McElwain, Thomas
Mingo religion

McElwain, Thomas
Groundsquirrel Teaches Bluejay to Talk: A First Grammar of Mingo Iroquois

McElwain, Thomas
The Use of the Mingo Language in the Last Half of the Twentieth Century

West Virginia Mingo (
Mingo text archive

Mingo folksongs

Johnson, Amandus
The Swedish Settlements on the Delaware vol 1. vol 2
(Den viktigaste texten om Nya Sverige - aldrig översatt till svenska)

AMERICAN JOURNEYS Texter om indianer och kolonialhistoria i digitaliserad fulltext

Några lästes och påverkade t ex Pehr Lindeströms bok om Nya Sverige och indianerna. T ex

Smith, John
A True Relation by Captain John Smith, 1608 

Smith, John
A Map of Virginia : With a Description of the Countrey, the Commo-dities, People, Govern-ment and Religion - 1612

Smith, John
Generall Historie of Virginia by Captain John Smith; the Fourth Booke. - 1624

Donck, Adriaen van der, 1620-1655
A Description of the New Netherlands. - 1649

Ett kompilat av reseberättelser som Lindheström definitivt läst är: Arnoldus Montanus :De Nieuwe en Onbekende Weereld - 1671.  Om Virginia s 134

Nordamerika s 114. Illustrationer: Stiliserad wampumSusquehannockstadVarghuvud om halsen som beskrivet av Smith, också ett av föremålen på Skokloster. Dito på karta.
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