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Federal and State Services and the Maine Indian : A Report of the Maine Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights. - 1974. -  (ERIC ED118296)

Pursuant to its responsibilities to advise the Commission on Civil Rights, the Maine Advisory Committee's hearings, investigations, and recommendations relative to Federal and State services for American Indians in Maine are detailed in this report. Dealing first with policy and law as manifest in: (1) Self-Determination; (2) Federal Indian Services; (3) State Policy and State Services; (4) Conflict in the State of Maine, This report also presents the committee's recommendations for the following: (1) Economic and Community Development; (2) Housing; (3) Health; (4) Education; (5) Welfare; (6) Foster Care; and (7) Law Enforcement and Public Safety. Major conclusions cited in this report are: (1) Maine Indians are being denied services provided other Native Americans by Federal agencies which is not only discriminatory but is also placing a disproportionate tax burden on Maine taxpayers. (2) Half the Indians in Maine are not receiving State Indian services because they live off-reservation. (3) The State should develop an integrated service program to serve all Maine Indians (Maliseets, Passamaquoddys, Penobscots, and Micmacs) regardless of their residency. (4) Current socioeconomic statistics reveal longstanding discriminatory practices (45 percent substandard housing, 65 percent unemployment, severe health problems, nonexistent bicultural education, and 4 out of 136 Indian foster children in Indian foster homes). (JC)

Jesuit Relations
Vol I Acadia 1610-1613 
Vol II Acadia 1612-1614
Vol III Acadia 1611-1616 
Vol IV Acadia and Quebec 1616-1629
Vol 72 Index.

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= Sid. 81-101 i: 
Putnam anniversary volume; 1909
  S 97-101 Iroquois pottery.


Penobscot Culture
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