Algonkiner i New England, Akadien och New Foundland 

Kronologi - Timeline

King William's War (1688–1697) 
Queen Anne's War (1702–1713) 
Father Rale's War (1722–1725)
King George's War (1744–1748) 
Father Le Loutre's War (1749–1755) 
French and Indian War (1754–1763) 


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Jesuit relations

Jesuit Relations
Vol I Acadia 1610-1613 
Vol II Acadia 1612-1614
Vol III Acadia 1611-1616 
Vol IV Acadia and Quebec 1616-1629
Vol 72 Index.

Biggar, H. P.
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Woodbury, Charles Levi, 1820-1898
The relation of the fisheries to the discovery and settlement of North America : delivered before the New Hampshire Historical Society, at Concord, June, 1880, and the Massachusetts Fish and Game Protection Society, at Boston, 1880. - Boston, 1880. - 26 p.

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The Indians of New England and New Netherland. – New York : Quattlander, 1918.

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The white doe "Colleen Bawn" / by Concubar. - Manchester : New Hampshire, 1913.

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The algonkin indian Wabanaki confederacy (American Anthropologist 1915) 

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History of the calumet and of the dance. - New York : Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundaition Vol XII No 5, 1952. - 22 s.

Vetromile, Eugene
Indian good book...for the benefit of the Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, St. John's, Micmac, and other tribes of the Abnaki Indians. This year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six. Old-town Indian village and Bangor. - New York : Dunigan, 1856.

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A Particular history of the five years french and indian war of New England and parts adjacent. - 1870.

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Pottery of the New England Indians. - 19 s. ill.
= Sid. 81-101 i: 
Putnam anniversary volume; 1909
  S 97-101 Iroquois pottery.



Kearsag indian museum
Abbe museum - Abeaki timeline
Windows on Maine
Nova Scotia museum - Mikmaq portrait collection
McCord museum

The little list
Pennacoock history 
  Om Papisseconewa (bild ovan) eller som här


Sebastian Rale

Sprague, John Francis
Sebastian Rale - a Maine tragedy of the eighteenth century. - 1906 Read online GB

- Texter:

Raymond, W O
Glimpses of the Past : History of the River St. John, A.D. 1604-1784
. - (Gutenberg)

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Om böcker

Women of the dawn

Kaughnawaga indians nedan av Cornelius Krieghoff

Ambush 1725 at Lovewell Pond
by John Buxton 

Artist John Buxton’s new Fine Art Edition depicts the calm before the storm of an American Indian surprise attack on militiamen. Captain John Lovewell of New England, a ranger and renowned scalp hunter, died on May 8, 1725 as he led a third expedition against the Abenaki Indians in an area now known as Fryeburg, Maine. A number of colonial militiamen and Abenaki Native Americans, including a notorious war chief named Paugus, also died in the engagement which marked the end of hostilities between the Abenaki and the white colonists in this part of the colonies.

The cause of Sebastian Rale

Cornelius Krieghoff

Flintlock and tomahawk


Alanis Obomsawin     Klipp


 - Champlain



Queen Annes war - Wiki

- Benedict Arnolds expedilton to Quebec

Sebastian Rale
Saint Castain
      Canad Biog

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Piotrowski, TadeuszThe Indian heritage of New Hampshire and northern New England / Edited by Taddeus Piotrowski


The archeology 
of New Hampshire: 
exploring 10,000 years 
in the Granite State / 
 AvDavid R. Starbuck

Indianmissioner i Nya 

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