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Ellis, Edward S 1840-1916
Tales, traditions and romance of border and revolutionary times. - New York : Beadle and Co, c. 1864. - 375 p. : ill.
  Flera vol. Vol. 1. [No. 1] Simon Kenton. Murphy saving the fort. Brant and the boy. Mrs. Austin and the bear -- [No. 2] Big Joe Logston. Deborah, the maiden warrior. Gen. Morgan's prayer. Bravery of the Johnson boys -- [No. 3] A great hunting adventure. Colonel Horry's exploits. Elerson's famous race. Molly Pitcher at Monmouth -- [No. 4] The little sentinel. Tecumseh and the prisoners. Horsewhipping a tyrant. The mother's trial -- [No. 5] Women defending the wagon. Captivity of Jonathan Alder. Moody the refugee. The leap for life -- [No. 6] The chieftan's appeal. The implacable governor. Mrs. Slocumb at Moore' Creek. Brady's leap -- Vol. 2. [No. 7] The Minnesota captive. Stephen Ball hung by Tories. Mrs. Palmer and Putnam. Kenton saving Boone's life -- [No. 8] Jacob Wetzel saved by his dog. Arnold and Colonel Brown. Coacoochee's talk. Mad Ann, the huntress -- [No. 9] Francisco, the western Samson. The Indian girl saving Howard. Hughes killing the turkey. Hamilton saving his cloth -- [No. 10] Magnanimity of Rohn-yen-ness. Woman capturing the Hessian. Battle of Bloody Brook. The heroic dog -- [No. 11] Serg't Champe's recognition. Col. Crawford's fate decided. Davis fixing court business. Miss Moncrieffe, the female spy -- [No. 12] The last blast of Anthony. McClure’s.

Bowen, James L. (James Lorenzo), 1842-1919
The Mohegan maiden, or, The stranger of the settlement / by James L Bowen. - London : G. Routledge & Sons,1867. - 119 p.
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