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Första boken om New England är Breretons om Gosnold:  Om Gosnold wiki mer här

Sailors narratives of voyages along the New England coast, 1524-1624 / With notes by George Parker Winship. - Boston : Houghton, Mifflin & co, 1905. - 292 p.

Narragansett Bay / Giovanni da Verrazano, 1524 -- Maine / David Ingram, 1568 -- Buzzard's Bay / Bartholomew Gosnold, 1602 -- Plymouth Harbour / Martin Pring, 1603 -- Maine and Massachusetts / Samuel de Champlain, 1605 -- St. George's River / George Waymouth, 1605 -- Kenebeck River / George Popham and Ralegh Gilbert, 1607 -- Penobscot and the fishing banks / Henry Hudson, 1609 -- Penobscot Bay / Samuel Argall, 1610 -- Monhegan / John Smith, 1614 -- Maine and Cape Cod / Thomas Dermer, 1619 -- York and Portland / Christopher Levett, 1624.

Rosier’ Relation of George Weymouth’s 1605 Voyage. - (Davistown Museum)
   Rosier’s Relation of George Weymouth’s 1605 Voyage.

Rosier, James, 1575-1635
Rosier's Relation of Waymouth's voyage to the coast of Maine, 1605 / With an introduction and notes by Henry S. Burrage. - Portland, Me : Printed for the Gorges Society, 1887. - 176 p. : ill.
  Introduction -- Survey of the literature -- A true relation of the most prosperous voyage made this present veere 1605, by Captaine George Waymouth, in the discovery of the land of Virginia where he discovered 80 miles vp a most excellent riuer; together with a most fertile land. Written by James Rosier, a gentleman employed in the voyage. Loudini impeusis G. Bishop, 1605 -- List of members of the Gorges society, 1887

Rosier, James 1575-1635
Rosier’s narrative of Waymouth’s voyage to the coast of Maine, in 1605 : complete. With remarks by George Prince, showing the river explored to have been the Georges River : together with a map of the same and the adjacent islands. - 1860. - 
  American journeys.
  Tidig beskrivning av Abenakis, sid 22 ff. Dans, dräkt mm.

Burrage, Henry Sweetser, 1837-1926
The beginnings of colonial Maine, 1602-1658 /.  .- [Portland, Me.] : Printed for the state, 1914. - 412 p.

Burrage, Henry S. (Henry Sweetser), 1837-1926,
Early English and French voyages, chiefly from Hakluyt, 1534-1608 / by Henry S Burrage. - New York : Scriber’s sons, 1906. - 451 p. Index.

Introduction.--The first relation of Jaques Carthier of S. Malo.--A shorte and briefe narration (Cartier's second voyage)--The third voyage of discovery made by Captaine Jaques Cartier.--The voyage of M. Hore.--The voyage made by M. John Hawkins, esquire, written by John Sparke.--The third troublesome voyage made with the Jesus of Lubec, by J. Hawkins.--The world encompassed by Sir Francis Drake (California)--A report of the voyage of Sir Humfrey Gilbert, knight, by Master Edward Haies.--The first voyage made to the coasts of America, by Captain Arthur Barlowe.--Account of the particularities of the imployments of the Englishmen left in Virginia, by Master Ralph Lane.--A third voyage to Virginia.--The fourth voyage made to Virginia in the yere 1587, by Governor John White

The fifth voyage of M. John White.--Briefe and true relation of the discoverie of the north part of Virginia, by John Brereton.--A voyage set out from the citie of Bristoll, by Martin Pring.--A true relation of the voyage of Captaine George Waymouth, by James Rosier.--A relation of a voyage to Sagadahoc, probably written by J. Davies

Kirke, Henry, 1842-1925
The first English conquest of Canada; with some account of the earliest settlements in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. - London : Bemrose & sons, 1871. - 227 p.

The romance of Canada, stories from the history of her discovery, exploration, conquest, & settlement / Herbert Strang, ed. - London, H. Frowde & Hodder & Stoughton, 1911. - 640 p. - (The romance of the world). 
   Antologi om Kanadas kolonialhistoria.