Kunskapsläget kring 1915:

Anthropology in North America. - New York : G.E. Stechert & Co., 1915. - 378 p. : ill.
  Primitive American history / John R. Swanton and Roland B. Dixon -- Areas of American culture characterization tentatively outlined as an aid in the study of the antiquities / W.H. Holmes -- Material cultures of the North American Indians / Clark Wissler -- Physical anthropology in America / Aleš Hrdlička -- The present condition of our knowledge of the North American languages / Pliny Earle Goddard -- Ceremonialism in North America / Robert H. Lowie -- Religion of the North American Indians / Paul Radin -- Mythology and folk-tales of the North American Indians / Franz Boas -- Social organization of the North American Indians / A.A. Goldenweiser

American Indian Life : by several of its indian students / edited by Elsie Clews Parsons ; illustrated by C Grant LaFarge. - New York : Viking press, 1922. - 419 s.