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The Puritan in England Holland and America
   Vol 1
   Vol 2

Hugenotter, Herrnhutare och Mähriska bröder

New Rochelle, New York
Olsen, Alison G.
Huguenots and Palatines. - JStor
German Huguenot Museum
Huguenots and other Protestan Refugees
Campbell, Douglas
The Puritan in Holland, England and America : in two volumes.
  Vol 1. -

French Colony of Magdeburg
German Palatines
Conrad Weiser
Conrad Weiser II med bra inpass kring utvecklingen före Sjuårskriget.

Philip Freneau 1752-1832

Elliott, Ella Zerbey
Blue book of Schuylkill County : who was who and why, in interior eastern Pennsylvania, in Colonial days, the Huguenots and Palatines, their service in Queen Anne's French and Indian, and Revolutionary Wars : history of the Zerbey, Schwalm, Miller, Merkle, Minnich, Staudt, and many other representative families. - Pottsville, Pa : ”Republican”, Joseph Zeerbey, proprietor. - 1916. - 456 s.
  S 15 Huguenots and Palatines

Mähriska bröder (Moravians)
Moravian Church
Moravian Church in North America
Nicolaus Zinzendorf
David Zeisberger
John Heckewelder
Christian Frederick Post
August Gottlieb Spangenberg

Christian Munsee
Logstown, on the Ohio
Shekomeko, New York