Tidiga upptäcktsfärder i Nordöst 

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A history of Newfoundland, from the English, colonial, and foreign records. - 2. revised and corrected ed. . - London : Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1896. - 634 p. : ill.
  1 ed. - 1895. - 742 p. : ill. - Bibliography s 666. - Index + supplement: Churches in New Foundland.

Biggar, Henry Percival 1872-1938
The precursors of Jacques Cartier, 1497-1534 : a collection of documents relating to the early history of the Dominion of Canada. - 1911. 
   Dokument ; Tidiga upptäcktsresor.

Biggar, Henry Percival 1872-1938
The early trading companies of New France : A contribution to the history of commerce and discovery in North America. - 1901. 

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The description and natural history of the coasts of North America (Acadia) / by Nicolas Denys ; translator and edited, with a memoir of the author, collateral documents and a reprint of the original by William F Ganong. - Toronto : The Champlain society, 1908.   Wiki om Denys.

Documents relating to the history and settlements of the towns along the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers (with the exception of Albany) : from 1630 to 1684, and also illustrating the relations of the settlers with the Indians.

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The Norse, discoverers of America : the wineland sagas. - Oxford : Clarendon, 1921. - 318 s. 
    Bibliography p [298]-299.

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The life of Sir Humphrey Gilbert : England's first empire builder. - London : Constable, 1911. - 368 s.
   Includes bibliographical references and an index

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Divers Voyages Touching the Discovery of America and the Islands Adjacent - London : Printed for the Hakluyt Society, 1850. - 311 s.

Lescarbot, Marc     
Nova Francia, or, The description of that part of New France which is one continent with Virginiadescribed in the three late voyages and plantation made by Mons. de Monts, Mons. du Pont-Gravé, and Mons. de Poutrincourt, into the countries called by the Frenchmen La Cadia, lying to the southwest of Cape Breton : together with and excellent several treaty of all the commodities of the said countries, and manners of the natural inhabitants of the sametranslated out of the French into English by P.E. - 1745.    Alt utg.    History of New France

Lighthall, D D.
Hochelagans and mohawk : a link in Iroquois history. - 1800.

Blair, Emma Helen
The Indian tribes of the upper Mississippi Valley and region of the Great Lakes : as described by Nicolas Perrot, French commandant in the Northwest; Bacquevile de la Potherie, French royal commissioner to Canada; Morrell Marston, American Army officer; and Thomas Forsyth, United States agent at Fort Armstrong  / translated, edited, annotated, and with bibliography and index by Emma Blair - Cleveland, Ohio : Arhur H Clark co.
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   Vol 2. - 1912. - 412 s. : ill. - Bibliography. - Index.