Bibliografi Nordöstra skogslandet

Adams, Hannah 1775-1831
An abridgment of the history of New-England, for the use of young persons… - 1801.    Originalet 1799.
 Hanna Adams anses allmänt vara den första professionella kvinnliga författaren i USA.

Adams, James Truslow 1818-1949
The founding of New England. - 1921.

Biggar, Henry Percival 1872-1938
The precursors of Jacques Cartier, 1497-1534 : a collection of documents relating to the early history of the Dominion of Canada. - 1911. 
   Dokument ; Tidiga upptäcktsresor.

Biggar, Henry Percival 1872-1938
The early trading companies of New France : A contribution to the history of commerce and discovery in North America. - 1901. 

Blackbird, Andrew J 
History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan; a grammar of their language, and personal and family history of the author. - 1897.

Burden, Harold Nelson
Manitoulin, Or, Five Years of Church Work Among Ojibway Indians. - 1895.

Campbell, William W., 1806-1881
The border warfare of New York, during the revolution : or, the annals of Tryon county - 1849.

CarverJonathan, 1710-1780    Resan 1766-67.
Three years travels through the interior parts of North-America, for more than five thousand miles : containing an account of the Great Lakes, and all the lakes ... mountains ... of that vast continent : with a description of the birds, beasts ... peculiar to the country : together with a concise history of the genius, manners, and customs of the Indians ... to the westward of the great river Mississippi : and an appendix, describing the uncultivated parts of America that are the most proper for forming settlements. - 1778.

Cobb, William H.
Monument to, and history of the Mingo Indians 
facts and traditions about this tribe, their wars, chiefs, camps, villages and trails. Monument dedicated to their memory near the village of Mingo, in Tygarts River Valley of West Virginia
. - Addresses and articles by William H. Cobb, Andrew Price [and] Hu Maxwell. Published 1921

Denys, Nicolas
The description and natural history of the coasts of North America (Acadia) / by Nicolas Denys ; translator and edited, with a memoir of the author, collateral documents and a reprint of the original by William F Ganong. - Toronto : The Champlain society, 1908.   Wiki om Denys.

Documentary history of Dunmore’s war 1774/ Ed Twaithes.

Documents relating to the history and settlements of the towns along the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers (with the exception of Albany) : from 1630 to 1684, and also illustrating the relations of the settlers with the Indians.

Dodge, J . R.
Red men of the Ohio Valley
an aboriginal history of the period commencing A.D. 1650, and ending at the treaty of Greenville, A.D. 1795 ; embracing notable facts and thrilling incidents in the settlement by the whites of the states of Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois
. - 1860.

Fernow, Berthold 1837-1908
The Ohio Valley in colonial days. - 1890.

Filson, John
The discovery, settlement, and present state of Kentucky and an introduction to the topography and natural history of that rich and important country ; also Colonel Daniel Boon's narrative of the wars of Kentucky ; with an account of the Indian nations within the limits of the United States ... and the stages and distances between Philadelphia and the Falls of the Ohio, from Pittsburgh to Pensacola, and several other places by John Filson The discovery, settlement, and present state of Kentucky; illustrated with a large whole sheet map of Kentucky from actual surveys, and a plan with a description of the rapids of the river Ohio by Capt. Thomas Hutchins. - 1793.

   Imlays version map of Kentucky from actual surveys, and a plan with a description of the rapids of the river Ohio by Capt. Thomas Hutchins. - 1793. 

Frey, Samuel Ludlow 1833-1924
The Mohawks : an inquiry into their origin, migrations and influence upon the white settlers - 1898.

Gathorne-Hardy, Geoffrey Malcolm 1878-1972
The Norse, discoverers of America : the wineland sagas. - Oxford : Clarendon, 1921. - 318 s. 
    Bibliography p [298]-299.

Gosling, William Gilbert, 1863-1930
Labrador: its discovery, exploration, and development. - London : Rivers, 1910. - 672 s.

Gosling, William Gilbert, 1863-1930
The life of Sir Humphrey Gilbert : England's first empire builder. - London : Constable, 1911. - 368 s.
   Includes bibliographical references and an index

Hakluyt, Richard 1563-1616
Divers Voyages Touching the Discovery of America and the Islands Adjacent - London : Printed for the Hakluyt Society, 1850. - 311 s.

Harrison, H
A discourse of the aborigines of Ohio....

Harrison, William Henry 1773-1841
A discourse on the aborigines of the valley of the Ohio : In which the opinions of the conquest of that valley by the Iroquois, or Six Nations, in the seventeenth century, supported by Cadwallader Colden, of New York, Governor Pownal, of Massachusetts, Dr. Franklin, the Hon. De Witt Clinton, of New York, and Judge Haywood, of Tennessee, are examined and contested : To which are prefixed some remarks on the study of history. - 1838.

Hartley, Cecil B.
Life and times of Colonel Daniel Boone comprising history of the early settlement of Kentucky / by Cecil B Hartley ; to which is added colonel Boone’s autobiography complete, as dictated to John Filson, and published in 1784 ; illustrated with engravings…1859.

Harvey, Henry
History of the Shawnee indians from the yea 1681-1854, inclusive. - 1855.

Hennepin, Louis
A new discovery of a vast country in America. - 1698 (1903)
   Vol 1.   Vol 2.

   Vol 3. - 1921

Hennepin, Louis
Description of Louisiana. - 1683. (1880)

Om Louis Hennepins skrifter:

Neill, Edward D.
The writings of Louis Hennepin, Recollect Franciscan missionary.Prepared for the monthly meeting of the Department of American history, Minnesota historical society, on September 6, 1880, at Minneapolis. 
By Rev. Edward D. Neill. - 1880.

Hodge, F W 
Handbook of indians of Canada. - 1913/69.

Holm, Johannes C.
Kort beskrifning om provincien Nya Swerige uti Americasom nu förtjden af the Engelske kallas Pensylvania.  Af lärde och trowärdige mäns skrifter och berättelser ihopaletad och sammanskrefwen, samt med åthskillige figurer utzirad af Thomas Campanius Holm. - 1702.

Jemison, Mary
Life of Mary Jemison Deh-He-Wä-Mis. - Fourth edition with geographical and explanatory notes by James E Seaver. - 1859.
 Fångenskapsskildring. Seneca irokes.




Jouges, Isaac
Narrative of a captivity among the Mohawk indians : a description of New Netherland in 1642-3 and other papers / by Father Isaac Jouges.
 With a memoir of the author by John Gilmary Shea. - New York, 1857.

Johnson, Ida Amanda
The Michigan fur trade. - 1919.

Johnson, WilliamThe papers of sir William Johnson.  Vol 1. - 1921.  Vol 2. - 1922.  Vol 3. - 1921.

Jones, David
A journal of two visits made to some nations of Indians on the west side of the River Ohio, in the years 1772 and 1773
. - 1774.


Knight, John d 1838.
Indian atrocities : narratives of the perils and sufferings of Dr. Knight and John Slover, among the Indians, during theRevolutionary War : with short memoirs of Col. Crawford & John Slover and a letter from H. Brackinridge, on the rights of the Indians, etc - 1867.  Cover title: Narratives of Knight and Slover.

Lescarbot, Marc     
Nova Francia, or, The description of that part of New France which is one continent with Virginiadescribed in the three late voyages and plantation made by Mons. de Monts, Mons. du Pont-Gravé, and Mons. de Poutrincourt, into the countries called by the Frenchmen La Cadia, lying to the southwest of Cape Breton : together with and excellent several treaty of all the commodities of the said countries, and manners of the natural inhabitants of the sametranslated out of the French into English by P.E. - 1745.    Alt utg.    History of New France

Lighthall, D D.
Hochelagans and mohawk : a link in Iroquois history. - 1800.

Long, John
Voyages and  travels of an indian interpreter and trader describing the manners and customs of the North American indians ; with an account of the posts situated on the river Saint Laurence, lake Ontario, &c. ; to which is added a vocabulary of the Chippeway language ... [and] a list of words in the Iroquois, Mohegan, Shawanee, and Esquimeaux tongues, and a table, shewing the analogy between the Algonkin and Chippeway languages. - 1791.

Loskiel, George Henry 1740-1814
History of the mission of the United Brethren among the Indians in North America in three parts by George Henry Loskiel ; translated from the German by Christian Ignatius LaTrobe. - 1794    Alt utg.    Svenska utg.

Mather, Cotton 1663-1728
Decennium luctuosum / by Cotton Mather, 1699 =
Narratives of the Indian wars, 1675-1699 /by Lincoln, Charles Henry, 1869-1938Easton, John, 1617-1705S., NHutchinson, RichardRowlandson, Mary WhiteMather, Cotton, 1663-1728. - New York : Scribner´s sons, 1913. - 348 p.
   King Philip's War, 1675-1676
  A relacion of the Indyan warre, by John Easton, 1675.--The present state of New-England with respect to the Indian war, by N. S., 1675.--A continuation of the state of New-England, by N. S., 1676.--A new and further narrative of the state of New-England, by N. S., 1676.--The war in New-England visibly ended, by R. H. 1677.--Narrative of the captivity of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, 1682.--Decennium luctuosum, by Cotton Mather, 1699.

Indian affairs around Detroit in 1706 : speech of Miskouaki, an Ottawa chief to the Marquis Vaudreiul, Governor General of Canada and his reply, September 1706
   Miskouaki, Ottawa chief

Narratives of the Indian wars, 1675-1699 /by Lincoln, Charles Henry, 1869-1938Easton, John, 1617-1705S., NHutchinson, RichardRowlandson, Mary WhiteMather, Cotton, 1663-1728. - New York : Scribner´s sons, 1913. - 348 p.
   King Philip's War, 1675-1676
  A relacion of the Indyan warre, by John Easton, 1675.--The present state of New-England with respect to the Indian war, by N. S., 1675.--A continuation of the state of New-England, by N. S., 1676.--A new and further narrative of the state of New-England, by N. S., 1676.--The war in New-England visibly ended, by R. H. 1677.--Narrative of the captivity of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, 1682.--Decennium luctuosum, by Cotton Mather, 1699.

O'Callaghan, Edmund Bailey, 1797-1880 ed
Papers relating to De Courcelles' and De Tracy's expeditions against the Mohawk Indians 1665-66.

Palmer, William E.
Memoir of the distinguished Mohawk Indian chief, sachen and warrior, Capt Joseph Brant. - 1872.

Francis Parkman
Doyle, John Andrew
The Historical Writings of Francis Parkman. In Essays on Various Subjects, John Murray, 1911.

Parkman, Francis
The pioneers of France in the New World. - 1867.

Parkman, Francis
The Jesuits in North America in the seventeenth century. - 1867.

Parkman, Francis
La Salle and the discovery of the great West. - 1869.

Parkman, Francis
The old regime in Canada. - 1874.

Parkman, Francis
Count Frontenac and New France under Louis XIV. - 1877.

Parkman, Francis
Half a century of conflict. - 1893. (Skrevs sist, kronologiskt här)

Parkman, Francis
Montcalm and Wolfe. - 1884.

Parkman, Francis
The conspiracy of Pontiac. - 1851.

Parkman, Francis
The conspiracy of Pontiac. - Vol 1 Vol 2

Parkman, Francis
The conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian war after the conquest of Canada. - 1900.
   Vol 1.
   Vol 2

   Parkman: Pontiacs flera utgåvor.

Perrot, Nicolas
The Indian tribes of the upper Mississippi Valley and region of the Great Lakes as described by Nicolas Perrot, French commandant in the Northwest ; Bacqueville de la Potherie, French royal commissioner to Canada ; Morrell Marston, American Army officer ; and Thomas Forsyth, United States agent at Fort Armstrong / translated, edited, annotated and with bibliography and index by Emma Helen Blair ; with portraits, maps, facsimiles, and views. - 1911.
  Vol 1.  Vol 2.

Post, Christian Frederick, 1710?-1785
Two journals of western tours 

Radin, Paul
The social organization of the Winnebago indians : en interpretation. - 1915.

Radin, Paul 1883-1959.
Some aspects on puberty fasting among the Ojibwa. -
  Vol 1. - 1914. 
  Vol 2. - 1914.

Roosevelt, TheodoreThe winning of the west. Vol 1  Vol 2  Vol 3  (Alt 3)  Vol 4  Vol 5   Vol 6

Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe, 1793-1864  +
Historical and Statistical Information Respecting the History, Condition and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the United States Collected and Prepared Under the Direction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Per Act of Congress of March 3d, 1847 / by Henry R. Schoolcraft. - Philadelphia : Lippincot, Grambo.

Vol 1. - 1851. - 886 s.
Vol 2. - 1852. - 850 s.
Vol 3. - 1853. - 758 s.

Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe, 1793-1864
The Indian tribes of the United States: their history, antiquities, customs, religion, arts, language, traditions, oral legends, and myths / Ed. by Francis S Drake. - 

Vol 1. - 1884. - 634 s. : Ill.
Vol 2. - 1884. - 506 s. : ill

Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe, 1793-1864
Notes on the Iroquois : or, contributions to the statistics, aboriginal history, and gerneral ethnology of western New York. - New York : Bartlett & Welford, 1846. - 285 s.

Scott, William
Report relating to the affairs of the Oka Indians, made to the superintendant of Indian affairs. - 1893.

Siebert, Wilbur Henry
The Loyalists and Six Nation Indians in the Niagara Peninsula. - 1915.

Slocum, Frances 1773-1847
Biography of Frances Slocum, the lost sister of Wyoming. A complete narrative of her captivity and wanderings among the Indians -  Meginness, John Franklin, 1827  Bibliography: p. 234-238. Fångenskapsskildring.

Speck, Francis G 1881-1950
Family hunting territories and social life of various Algonkian bands of the Ottawa Valley - 1915.
   Timagami Ojibwa ; Timiskaming algonkin

Spencer, Oliver 1781-1838.
Narrative of Oliver M. Spencer : comprising an account of his captivity among the Mohawk Indians in North America. - 1854. 

Sowter, S W T
Algonkin and Huron occupation of the Ottawa valley. - 1909.

Tanner, John
A narrative of the captivity and adventures of John Tanner ( U S interpreter at the Saut de Ste.Marie) during thirty years residence among the Indians in the interior of North America / Prepared for the press by Edwin James. - 1830.    Alt utgåva.
   Oibwa, Ottawa. Fångenskapsskildring.

Trent, William 1715-1787.     
Journal of Captain William Trent from Logstown to Pickawillany, A.D. 1752 : now published for the first time from a copy in the archives of the Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio, together with letters of Governor Robert Dinwiddie ; an historical notice of the Miamiconfederacy of Indians ; a sketch of the English poet at Pickawillany, with a short biography of Captain Trent, and other papers never before printed - 1871.

Walton, Joseph S
Conrad Weiser and the indian policy of colonial Pennsylvania. - 1900.

Walworth, Ellen H.
The life and times of Kateri Tekakwhitha, the Lily of the Mohawks, 1656-1680. - 1891.

Waugh, F W
Iroquis [sic] foods and food preparation. - 1916.

Weiser, Conrad
Narrative of a journey from Tulpehocken, in Pennsylvania, to Onondago, the headquarters of the Six nations of Indians, made in 1737 by Conrad Weiser. -  

Weiser, Conrad
Conrad Weiser's journal of a tour to the Ohio, August 11-October 2, 1748 1748 ... 1904.

Weiser, C Z
The life of (John) Conrad Weiser the german pioneer, patriot and Patron of two races. - 1876.

Young, Calvin 1851-

Little Turtle (Me-she-kin-no-quah) : the great chief of the Miami Indian nation ; being a sketch of his life together with that of Wm. Wells and some noted descendants - 

OHIODALEN kronologi

1753 Fort Le Boeuf

1754 Fort Duquesne

1755 Braddock expedition

1758 Fort Stanwix

1758 Fort Ligionier

1758 Fort Bedford

1759 Fort Pitt

1760 Fort Venango 

1761-1763 Fort Sandusky

1763 Pontiacs war   Page Pontiacs rebellion

1761-1763 Fort Sandusky

1769  Daniel Boone At the treaty of Fort Stanwix,  the Iroquois but not the Shawnee, had ceded their claim to Kentucky to the British. In spite of this, or without knowingh that, 
Boone began a two-year hunting expedition in Kentucky On May 11, 1769,
1773, On September 25,Boone packed up his family and, with a group of about 50 emigrants, began the first attempt by British colonists to establish a settlement in Kentucky. Following the Treaty of Fort Stanwix, American Indians in the region had been debating what to do about the influx of settlers. This group had decided, in the words of historian John Mack Faragher, "to send a message of their opposition to settlement…." James Boone and William Russell's son Henry were captured and gruesomely tortured to death. The brutality of the killings sent shock waves along the frontier, and Boone's party abandoned its expedition. The massacre was one of the first events in what became known as Dunmore's war.

1774 Lord Dunmore's war

1775-1783 American Revolutionary war

1785-1795 North West Indian War (Little Turtles war)