Kolonialmakterna - Krigen i koloniala Nordöstern 

Norra New Englands indiankrig förekommer kanske oftare i fiktionslitteraturen och mindre tydligt i fack dito. Det känns som om en systematisk introduktion skulle vara bra att ha.

Viktigaste bosättningsområdena och krigshandlingar.

1. Sydliga New England och New York (brittiska och holländska kolonier)
    New Englands historia
    Pequotkriget 1637
    King Philips krig 1675-1676 (Ingen europeisk motsvarighet och ingen fransk inblandning)

2. St Lawrencefloden, franska kolonier.
    Irokeskrigen 1600-1683

3. Maine och Acadien (Norra New England)
    King Philips krig 1675-1678 (Ingen europeisk motsvarighet)

4. Gemensam utveckling i Nordöst.
    Kung Williams krig 1688-99 (I Europa Augsburgska ligan)
    Drottning Annas krig 1702-14 (Spanska tronföljdskriget)   
    Guvernör Dummer’s krig 1721-26 (Ingen europeisk motsvarighet)
    Kung Georgs krig 1744-48 (Österrikiska tronföljdskriget)
    Kriget mot fransmän och indianer 1754-63 (The French and Indian war) (Sjuårskriget)

1744 Treaty of Lancaster

Walton, Joseph Solomon, d 1912
Conrad Weiser and the Indian policy of colonial Pennsylvania ..- Philadelphia : G.W. Jacobs & co, 1900. - 418 s.
   Treaty of Lancaster 1744 s. 93ff

OHIODALEN kronologi

1753 Fort Le Boeuf

1754 Fort Duquesne

1755 Braddock expedition

1758 Fort Stanwix

1758 Fort Ligionier

1758 Fort Bedford

1759 Fort Pitt

1760 Fort Venango 

1761-1763 Fort Sandusky

1763 Pontiacs war   Page Pontiacs rebellion

1761-1763 Fort Sandusky

1769  Daniel Boone At the treaty of Fort Stanwix,  the Iroquois but not the Shawnee, had ceded their claim to Kentucky to the British. In spite of this, or without knowingh that, 
Boone began a two-year hunting expedition in Kentucky On May 11, 1769,
1773, On September 25,Boone packed up his family and, with a group of about 50 emigrants, began the first attempt by British colonists to establish a settlement in Kentucky. Following the Treaty of Fort Stanwix, American Indians in the region had been debating what to do about the influx of settlers. This group had decided, in the words of historian John Mack Faragher, "to send a message of their opposition to settlement…." James Boone and William Russell's son Henry were captured and gruesomely tortured to death. The brutality of the killings sent shock waves along the frontier, and Boone's party abandoned its expedition. The massacre was one of the first events in what became known as Dunmore's war.

1774 Lord Dunmore's war

1775-1783 American Revolutionary war

1785-1795 North West Indian War (Little Turtles war)

New Netherland wiki

New Netherland Institute : Exploring America’s Dutch heritage

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The records of New Amsterdam from 1653-1674. - 1897.  Vol 1  Se sökn.

Index to the marriage records from 1639-1801 of the Reformed Dutch church in New Amsterdam and New York / by Purple, Samuel Smith 1822-100 - From old Catalog. - 1890.

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Affairs and men of New Amsterdam in the time of governor Peter Stuyvesant. - 1843.