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New York (state)
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A bibliographical and historical essay on the Dutch books and pamphlets relating to New-Netherland : and to the Dutch West-India Company and to its possessions in Brazil, Angola, etc. ; as also on the maps, charts etc. of New-Netherland, with facsimiles of the map of New-Netherland by N. I. Visscher and of the three existing views of New-Amsterdam. - Amsterdam : Frederik Muller, 1854. - 22 p.

Cover dated 1868. Second part has separate title page : A list of the maps and charts of New-Netherland, and of the views of New-Amsterdam / by G. M. Asher ; being a supplement to his Bibliographical essay on New-Netherland. Amsterdam : F. Muller ; New-York : Ch. B. Norton, 1855. (22, 23 p. fold map).The map has title: Novi Belgii. Tabula ad N. J. Visscheri delineationem repetita quae ex xxx aliis tabulis colligi potuerunt additis lapidi incisa dirigente G. M. Asher.List of names on the maps: 23 p. at end."The best bibliography of the Dutch West-India Company and its connection with Brazilian history."--Winsor, Nar. and crit. hist. of America, v. 8, p. 350

The documentary history of the state of New-York
 - Albany : Weed, Parsons & Co, 1850.      
      Vol 1. - 1850. - 536 p. : ill. [Contents]. -  Index.  [Ed 1849]
      Vol 2. - 1850. - 711 p. : ill. [Contents]. -  Index.
                S. 315 ff ”Manusicripts of sir William Johnson”       
      Vol 3. - 1850. - 748 p. : ill. - [Contents]. - Index.
      Vol 4. - 1850. -  700 p : ill. - [Contents]. - Index.

Turner, O(rsamus)

Pioneer history of the Holland Purchase of western New York : embracing some account of the ancient remains, and a history of pioneer settlement under the auspices of the Holland Company ; including reminiscences of the War of 1812 ; the origin, progress and completion of the Erie Canal, etc., etc., etc. - Buffalo, N.Y. : Jewett, Thomas & co, 1850. -  670 p.