Stockkanoter - Dug out canoes

Minnesota Dugout Canoe Project Report / by Maritime Heritage Minnesota, Ann Merriman, Christopher Olson. - Minnesota : Maritime Heritage.
  1. - 2014. - 35 s. : ill.
  2. - 2015. - 20 s. : ill.
  3. - 2016. - 26 s. - ill.

The Minnesota Dugout Canoe (MDC) Project was designed from information gathered at the Office of the State Archaeologist (OSA) and the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS). MHM located eight dugout canoes in Minnesota museums or historical societies and received permission from those institutions to document them. Seven of the eight artifacts had not undergone radiocarbon testing and MHM received permission to take small wood samples from the canoes for dating purposes. MHM measured, photographed, and conducted condition assessments on each artifact, analyzed accession data, searched newspapers for pertinent information, and consulted historical accounts of Native American dugout canoe use. The wood samples for radiocarbon dating to a lab for analysis. The oldest canoe dates to AD 1025-1165 and one canoe dates to 1920 or later. The stories behind these canoes are interesting both archaeologically and historically. Funded by a Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grant, part of the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund of the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.
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