Användandet av fjädrar som prydnad

Ett  intressant exempel från platåområdet är följande ögonvittne som också berömde platåindianernas karaktär och levnadssätt:
 ”Generally the Indian loves everything that flutters in the wind. Thus he wears his hair long; his horse’s tail and mane are long He loves to have hides fringed and uses color ribbons Every kind if fringe and feather, but especielly eagle feathers, pleases him so much that very often he would not relinquish this kind of things of this kind for a whole world full of useful goods. And it must be admitted that in the eyes of a vain man the costume of an Indian riding through camp at full gallop is not without its charm"
 (Point : Wilderness kingdom s 110)

En parallell till siouxindiansk fjäderprydnad funnen bland Huicholindianer i Mexico.

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