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Three centuries of the fur trade, passing by the Gatineau region.

The fur trade along the Ottawa river.

Quebecs geografi

Quebecs urbefolkning

Cocking, Matthew 
An adventurer from Hudson Bay : journal of Matthew Cocking, from York Factory to the Blackfeet country, 1772-1773 / Edited with introduction and notes by Lawrence J. Burpee ; communicated by Wilfred Campbell and read May 26th, 1908. Spine title: Matthew Cocking's journal, 1772-1773. "From the Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada. Third series - 1908-1909, volume II, section II.” - 42 p.

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Laufer, Berthold
The early history of felt. - American Anthroplogist jan - mar 1932.

A brief history of the Beaver trade.

Carlos, Ann M.
The economic history of the fur trade : 1670-1870 / Ann M Carlos, Frank D Lewis. - (Economic History  Association)

HBC Beaver hats

Rich, E E
Russia and the colonial fur trade. - Jstor (kräver inlog)

Smiles, Samuel The Huguenots (as hat-malers) Google books

The huguenots (Länk)

Walloons Wikipedia

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