Bibliografi M-N

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   Cornplanter s 560-565

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  Alt ex.

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   Lz Wooden Leg

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 Mer av IM.

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    Fyra sjöar kring Madison, Wisconsin. Winnebagos trakter.

FRANK BY MAYERS SKETCHBOOKS - unika illustrationer av dakotaindianer kring 1851

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   Nootkaindianer, Maquilla, Callicum, särskilt efter kap VIII.

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Extract from the Seventeenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology

More excellent observations of the estate and affaires of Holland. : In a discourse, shewing how necessarie and conuenient it is for their neighbouring countries, as well as the Netherland prouinces, to trade into the West Indies. And by most vrgent and good reasons, prouing that by the West Jndian trade now erected in Holland, the said company shall receiue great benefit, the Hollanders greater seruice, and the Spaniard more hurt, and greater disaduantage then (sic) euer be receiued before. As also the great profit and commodity the said Netherlands haue reaped and receiued, during the time of 24. yeares that the said company hath traded into the East Indies. - Printed at London, : By E. A. for Nicholas Bourne and Thomas Archer, and are to be sold at their shops at the exchange, and the Popes-head Pallace,1622. - 37 p.

Translation of: Missive. Daer in kortelijck ende grondigh wert vertoont, hoe veel de Vereenighde Nederlanden gelegen is aen de Oost ende West-Indische Compagnie navigatie
Sometimes attributed, probably wrongly to W. Usselinx.

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Another edition, published the same year, differs only in having plates uncolored. -
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