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Early western travels. vers

Lakota sioux

Parkman, FrancisThe Oregon trail. - 1849.
American travels

Rudolph Friederich Kurz (1818–1871) was a Swiss painter After four years of struggle  embarked the steamer St. Ange to Fort Fort Berthold work for the American Fur Company. While Kurz worked as a clerk, he also sketched scenes in the area, despite being told that the Mandan and Hidatsa people considered painting and drawing would bring ill luck. During the summer, cholera broke out among the Indians, and nearly everyone except Kurz became ill. Blame for the sickness began to focus upon the artist, so he fled to Fort Union on August 18, 1851.  Journals of Google books

New Sweden och andra tidiga Nordamerikanska kolonier i indianlandet

Jesuiternas relationer Vol I Acadie   Vol II
  Vol 7 Quebec, Huron Cape Breton [Le Jenune]
  Vol XIII Hurons
  Vol XL Hurons, Iroquois
Johnson, Amandus: The Swedish settlements on the Delaware 1638-1664. - Vol 1. - 1911.   Vol 2. 

Ponceau, Peter S duA memoir on the history of the celebrated treaty made by William Penn with the indians under the elm tree at Shackamaxon, in the year 1682. / By Peter S du Ponceau and J Francis Fisher. - Philadelphia : M’Carty & Davis, 1836.   Mer om Penn’s treaty.

Sipe, C Hale: The indian chiefs of Pennsylvania

Sipe, C Hale: The indian wars of Pennsylvania

Thomson, Charles: Causes of the alienation of the Delaware and Shawnee indians from the British interest. - Philadelphia : John Campbell, 1867. - 184 s.

New England och andra tidiga Nordamerikanska kolonier i indianlandet.

Eckstorm, Fannie Hardy: The Penobscot man. - 1904.   Mer om…

Wheeler, George Augustus: History of Castine, Penobscot, and Brockville, Maine; including the ancient settlement of Pentagöet. - Bangor : Burr & Robinson. - 1875.

Stora sjöarna och Ohiolandet 

Brulé, Etienne     Reste 1610-1626  Stora sjöarna

Hanna, Charles A 1863-1950
The Wilderness Trail or The Ventures and Adventures of the Pennsylvania Traders on the Allegheny Path. - New York : Putnam, 1911. 
Vol 1 och Vol 2.
   Ohiodalens städer längs vildmarksvägen.

Jonathan Carver

Louis Hennepin 1626 – c. 1705        Reste 1678-80

Hennepin, Louis
The writings of Louis Hennepin

Jones, David
A journal of two visits made to some nations of Indians on the west side of the River Ohio, in the years 1772 and 1773. - 1774.


René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, or Robert de La Salle  1643 – 1687

Lescarbot, Marc 1570?-1642      Wiki
Nova Francia : or the Descripton of that part of New France which is one Kontinent with Virginia / Described by …Mons. de Monts..

Long, John
Voyages and  travels of an indian interpreter and trader describing the manners and customs of the North American indians ; with an account of the posts situated on the river Saint Laurence, lake Ontario, &c. ; to which is added a vocabulary of the Chippeway language ... [and] a list of words in the Iroquois, Mohegan, Shawanee, and Esquimeaux tongues, and a table, shewing the analogy between the Algonkin and Chippeway languages. - 1791.

Mackenzie, Alexander
Voyages from Montreal through the continent of North America to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans in 1789 and 1793.  Vol 1   Vol 2.


Father Marquette / Thwaites

Trent, William
Journal of Captain William Trent from Logstown to Pickawillany, A.D. 1752 now published for the first time from a copy in the archives of the Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio, together with letters of Governor Robert Dinwiddie ; an historical notice of the Miami confederacy of Indians ; a sketch of the English post at Pickawillany, with a short biography of Captain Trent, and other papers never before printed edited by Alfred T. Goodman. - 1871. -
   Innehåller: Miami conferadecy. - English post at Pickawillany. - William Trent, biography. - Correspondence of  Dinwiddie.
History of Colonel Henry Bouquet and the western frontiers of Pennsylvania, 1747-1764 collected and edited by Mary Carson Darlington. - 1920. -
  Logstown - Trent's journal - Fort Du Quesne - George Croghan - 
  Edward Braddock - Colonel Bouquet - Fort Pitt

Turner, Lucien M. 1848-1909
Ethnology of the Ungava district, Hudson Bay Territory. - 191 s : ill.= Sid 159-350 i: Annual report of the Bureau of American Ethnology to the secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. Washtington :U.S. Bureau of American ethnology, 1894. - (Annual report 1889-1890 pt 2 ; 11)

Weiser, Conrad
Walton, Joseph S
Conrad Weiser and the Indian policy of colonial Pennsylvania 
by Joseph S. Walton ... Philadelphia : G W Jacobs,

 SubarktisDobbs, Athur:
 An account of the countries adjoining to Hudson's Bay, in the north-west part of America: : containing a description of their lakes and rivers, the nature of the soil and climates, and their methods of commerce, &c. shewing the benefit to be made by settling colonies, and opening a trade in these parts; whereby the French will be deprived in a great measure of their traffick in furs, and the communication between Canada and Mississippi be cut off. With an abstract of Captain Middleton's journal, and observations upon his behaviour during his voyage, and since his return ... The whole intended to shew the great probability of a north-west passage, so long desired; and which (if discovered) would be of the highest advantage to these kingdoms. - 1744.

Hearne, SamuelA journey from Prince of Wales in Hudson Bay to the northern ocean, in the years 1769, 1770, 1771, and 1772. - New ed. - Toronto ; : Champlain society, 1911.

Radisson, Pierre-Esprit
RadissonPierre-Esprit 1636-1710        
Radissons voyages. - EPUB

Rogers, Edward S.
The Round Lake Ojibwa


Millay, Edna St Vincent
A few figs from thistles: poems and sonnets                                                                                                   

Indianska röster

Johnson, Pauline
Flint and feather : the complete poems of E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake) ; with introduction by Theodore Watts-Dunton ; illustrated by J.R. Seaver. - 1917.

CULTURE AREAS : Kulturområden

PLAINS - Prärien

Dakota sioux

Dakota Conflict of 1862 Manuscripts Collections (Volume Microfilm Reel 1, 234
This compilation comprises a variety of small collections of letters, reminiscences, reports, diaries, and related materials dealing with Minnesota’s Dakota Conflict and related activities of 1862-1865. A collection summary, a reel contents list, and a description of each individual collection are available on the Internet:

Minnesota in the civil and Indian wars 1861-1865 - Vol 1.
2. ed. -- prepared and published under the supervision of the Board of commissioners appointed by the act of the Legislature of Minnesota of April 16, 1889. - 1891. 
  Vol 2.

Lakota sioux

, Fanny 1845-1904   Wiki
Narrative of my captivity among the Sioux Indians / by Fanny Kelly ; with a brief account of General Sully's Indian exepedition in 1864, bearing upon events occuring in my captivity. - 1871.
  Lakota sioux ; Fanny Kelly : Fångenskapsberättelser


Captivity narratives - Fångenskapsskildringar

, Kathryn Zabelle
The Indian Captivity Narrative 1550-1900 / Kathryn Zabelle Derounian-Stodola and James Arthur Levernier.  Orig pdf
  Litteraturhistoria : Fångenskapsberättelsen

, Fanny 1845-1904   Wiki
Narrative of my captivity among the Sioux Indians / by Fanny Kelly ; with a brief account of General Sully's Indian exepedition in 1864, bearing upon events occuring in my captivity. - 1871.
  Lakota sioux ; Fanny Kelly : Fångenskapsberättelser

Larimer, Sarah
The capture and escape or, Life among the Sioux /by Sarah L. Larimer. - 1871.
  Lakota sioux ; Fanny Kelly ; Sarah Larimer
, Henry Davenport 1836-1909
Indian horrors, or, Massacres by the red men 
being a thrilling narrative of bloody wars with merciless and revengeful savages : including a full account of the daring deeds and tragic death of ... Sitting Bull, with startling descriptions of fantastic ghost dances, mysterious medicine men ... etc. : the whole comprising a fascinating history of the Indians from the discovery of America to the present time
 ... / by Henry Davenport Northrop. - 1891.
     Indiankrigen : Allmänt

Rowlandson, Mary c. 1637-1711      Wiki
A narrative of the captivity, sufferings, and removes, of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson who was taken prisoner by the Indians ; with several others... / Written by her own hand. - 1856.
   New England : Wampanoag : King Philips war : 

Seaver, James E se: Lz Jemison, Mary

VanStone, James W.
Material Culture of the Davis Inleet and Baren Ground Naskapi: the William Duncan Strong Collection - Chicago, Ill.: Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. - (Fieldiana ; 7)

Vanstone, James W.
The Speck collection of Montagnais material culture from the Lower St Lawrence drainage, Quebec. -1982.